Spinning Pizza Interface

As soon as the Rodger Young clears the dock, the interfaces before Ibanez and Barclow change to…well, this.


I’m pretty good at apologetics, but what this is and how this does anything useful, I just…I’m at a loss. Is this supposed to be the active sweep of a radar dish? Some indication of the flywheel engine? Or the position of that spinning column on the bridge? How are any of these things worth distracting a pilot with a giant yellow spinning pizza?

8 thoughts on “Spinning Pizza Interface

    • yeah, the ‘slices’ do look like they’re along all 3 axis (large X, Large Y, and small Z pizza slices).

      There’s also those moving bars on the sides of the screens, and the blue hash lines. They don’t seem to be obviously connected to anything happening on screen.

      • Yeah I think this shot more than anything makes me want to coin a term to mean “digital nurnies” or “digital greebles,” because that’s all these are. Durnies?

  1. The movement suggests that it’s a kind of compass (and it moves with the ship’s movement, though in the wrong direction). The slice might be their forward and rear range of vision but it would be from the space station’s perspective. The center of rotation would have to be tied to that of the ship (since the station isn’t turning (either as quickly or at all).

  2. Maybe it’s the poor computer’s attempt to tell Ibanez which way to turn the ship to counter it’s current rotation. Or it’s just durnies.

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