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Scifiinterfaces analyzes the interfaces seen in movies and television show for fun and erudition. Its main author and curator and all around guy is me, Chris Noessel. I do this in my “spare time” so one or two posts a week is a pretty good pace. All screenshots are property of the studios who produced the show and are used under Fair Use laws.

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This is a WordPress site, using a modified Sunspot theme. Titles are set in FacitWeb. Body copy is set in Calluna Sans.

No paid content

I permit wordpress advertising on the site to try and offset the hosting costs. If you see an ad that is offensive, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do about it. But other than that, I do not accept paid content. Well, to be clear, my terms for paid content are high, and no one has taken me up on it yet.

Reference recommendations

I very rarely accept requests to update links, even Wikipedia links.

Most of the reason is because it’s a lot of work for me to go back, get in the context of the post, and then scour your content to see if the content feels true, better than the source I have already linked to, and to suss out whether it’s crass advertising or marketing. I’m already time-constrained just to stay on my publishing schedule, so this extra work is rarely worth it for me.

But, if you have a URL to share that explains things better and your intentions aren’t simply marketing or advertising, sure, send me an email, and if I have the time, I’ll see if it merits updating links.

Comment policy

Specifically with the Fascism in Sci-fi posts and then again with the GenderedAI series, I have cause to write out a specific comment policy, as below.

  • Comments are actively moderated.
  • I rarely edit comments before approving them, unless there is some very obvious typo.
  • I reject spam comments outright.
  • I reject invective with no substance. I don’t have to agree with your comment, but you’re on the hook to make a case, not just spew vitriol. Address the points made in the article you’re posting about. Cite sources. Be respectful. Be reasonable. I have no interest in feeding trolls, and lots of interest in encouraging thoughtful, respectful dialog. Keep in mind that WordPress gives me the opportunity to ban the worst offenders, preventing your IP address from commenting in the future.

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