2nd Edition


What you see pictured is photographic evidence. Sharp-eyed readers have, since the publication of the book, identified several Errata where we’d gotten a fact wrong, or misspelled something, or misattributed a picture.

With the printing of our brand-spanking-new 2nd Edition, these mistakes have been corrected. If you’re the OCD type who really wants their sci-fi interface analysis books to be perfect, now’s your chance for an upgrade. If you were an early purchaser, keep those old copies on hand. Maybe they’ll be like 1969-S Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse: crazy valuable exactly because of the mistakes. Maybe not. But in any case, now’s your chance to sift through and find any additional errata everyone else has missed.

And of course thanks to all the fans who got us to a second edition. Here’s to a third. 🙂

Book signing!

Thanks to those who braved the Blade Runner-esque rain to make it to the book signing party. We had a great time meeting people, trying out the “Buzz Aldrins”, sharing stories, chatting with smart fans about sci-fi interfaces, and yep, even signing books. Thanks for the support, and a shout out to Hot Studio for providing the awesome venue!

Amazon’s stock is out

A friend pointed out that as of today (September 16), Amazon’s out of stock on the book. Don’t worry, though. For new and relatively-unknown authors, they only order very small amounts for their stock. They’ll be ordering more soon I’m sure, but in the meantime, the publisher is a more reliable source. Just head to http://rosenfeldmedia.com/books/make-it-so/ and look to the right side of the screen for the order buttons.