2nd Edition


What you see pictured is photographic evidence. Sharp-eyed readers have, since the publication of the book, identified several Errata where we’d gotten a fact wrong, or misspelled something, or misattributed a picture.

With the printing of our brand-spanking-new 2nd Edition, these mistakes have been corrected. If you’re the OCD type who really wants their sci-fi interface analysis books to be perfect, now’s your chance for an upgrade. If you were an early purchaser, keep those old copies on hand. Maybe they’ll be like 1969-S Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse: crazy valuable exactly because of the mistakes. Maybe not. But in any case, now’s your chance to sift through and find any additional errata everyone else has missed.

And of course thanks to all the fans who got us to a second edition. Here’s to a third. 🙂

3 thoughts on “2nd Edition

  1. Hey Chris,

    Well, your distributor (Rosenfeld) is wicked quick, I got my copy within a week, even though I went with cheap shipping (2-4 weeks). Very thrilled, I love getting things earlier than I expected.

    So, far it is awesome. Thick paper, nice printing and bloody heavy for such a small looking book. Must be all data inside. 🙂

    Still reading it, but I am trying to savor it though and not read it all in one sitting.

    And while you said mine was a second edition, I caught a couple of typos. I will try and note them and send them in. That is going to wait for smidge, first I just want to read and enjoy it. Putting an Errata email address inside was a brilliant move, which I think I shall do also when I get my books out. Thank you.

    Well, off to heat up breakfast.

  2. I just went to the Rosenfeld site to get my update. Apparently, although I purchased *digital* editions, I don’t get corrections for free? I have to shell out $39 again? I could understand charging again if it was entirely new content, but for a few typo fixes and error corrections, this is sad. It’s just another example of how the publishing industry hasn’t caught up to expectations of people in the digital age. I’m sure it costs a lot to print new paper books. The cost of pushing out digital revisions should be close to nothing.

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