Paid and placed content

I’ve been getting requests for paid content. It’s flattering. Short answer: No. Please don’t ask. If you do, the first time I’ll send you a link to this page. If you do a second time, and still haven’t read this post, I’ll grab the nearest banhammer.

Longer answer: Maybe. If…

  • Your paid content is very specifically germane to the study or creation of sci-fi interfaces. If it needs saying, that’s a very niche field, so the odds your marketing will fit are really slim. Examples follow.
    • Special effects editing software
    • Design layout
    • Works with well-done interfaces
    • Other non-fiction on the topic are all germane
  • You’re OK with my labeling it as paid or placed content explicitly at the top of the post. Sneaky marketing pisses me off, so I’ll assume the same of my readers.
  • You’re going to pay me a bunch of money that will help offset my feelings of being squicked out, the possibility of pissing off my readers, diluting the signal-to-noise ratio of my hard-made and hard-curated content. What’s a bunch of money? Starting cost would be the annual WordPress fees for as long as the content lives on the site. (Admittedly this means you would be more of a patron, but the deal is the deal.)

…We might be able to discuss business. Otherwise, we’re back to no.

Thank you, though. I understand why you might find this audience valuable.