Reader wish: More about the narrative side of things

[This is a one-off request from the most recent readership poll.]

I am actually quite interested in this. I have an outline for a book, tentatively titled Worldbuilding with Interfaces, and in my head this would include individual frameworks for common interfaces and what needed to be shown for several models of interaction, among other things.

While I’m dreaming, let me also put out that I have a daydream where I join the faculty down at Worldbuilding Institute to get deep into this with the pros. Hook a nerd up, will ya. Back to reality.

If I started to include posts as a lead-up to a full book on it, though, this would be a pretty major shift in the tone and content. Would that be worth starting a new blog for just that purpose? Or could it fit in here amongst the other reviews? Would the lines be too blurry? Would it isolate existing readers? It would certainly slow down my already pokey publishing pace.

Since this would be a major shift, I’m putting it out there to see if anyone wants to discuss it. In, of course, comments. Or chris[at] if you have secret, sage words of advice.

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