Reader wish: More interviews with authors


[This is a one-off request from the most recent readership poll.]

This is a great idea! Many times my critiques pass the buck from the interface designers to the script writers, so in all fairness I should also interview them. I would very much want to have completed a review for them to respond to first, though it’s admittedly not a requirement. I do have a personal connection to the author of Arrival. Maybe I’ll get to that one.

One clarification, though, reader: Do you mean authors for the shows I’ve reviewed, any show, or authors of written sci-fi?

Also: Does anyone have connection to authors of sci-fi? Especially of any shows that I’ve reviewed already? (If you’re an RSS reader, there’s a list of shows on the right-hand side of the site.) If so, send me a private message at chris[at] and pass me the author name and how you know them. Then we can discuss your asking them if they’d be OK with an instruction to me for an interview.

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