Reader wish: More diverse UI work

[This is a one-off request from the most recent readership poll.]

Reader wish: Most of the content is fixated on one type of FUI. It would be nice to see more diverse UI work.

This was really weird for me to read since Scout and I are currently reviewing magic items as if they were tech. In the past the blog has covered bizarre gestural, suicide kits, Krell technology, robot design, ectoplasmic containment units, NUI, AI, service design, and even panopticon teleporting matchmaking interfaces.

I have gone back to the beginning of sci-fi and thereafter spread new reviews out amongst the decades. I review every interface in any given movie or TV show, using a very broad definition of interfaces. The only type of sci-fi interface I won’t cover is weapons, torture devices, or work done by toxic people.

So if you can comment and help me understand more of what you mean I’d appreciate it. But if that doesn’t satisfy, HUDs and GUIs includes the occasional games and some lightweight analysis, too, so be sure to check them out. And of course anyone is welcome to offer to contribute to ensure there is more diversity of the sort you are seeking.

  • You could mean games, and here’s why not.
  • You could mean literature or illustration, and the intro to the book covers why that’s a non-starter.
  • You could mean more obscure sci-fi or subgenres, and that’s just a matter of my limited bandwidth.

I guess what I’m saying is I think the blog already covers a huge range of FUI, within the constraints of movie and TV sci-fi. If you’ve actually identified a blind spot I’ve had, please email me or comment on the site so I can have my eyes opened.

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