The Readership: Who are you people?

I only asked after time zone, rather than location, which in retrospect was not smart. I was trying to figure when the best time to post was, but now I realize that wasn’t the only use of such information. Too late now. Maybe next year.

Looks like you’re concentrated in the middle of the Americas, and Lisbon/UK time zones. But there’s also readers on the continental-American coasts, Alaska(!), Europe, Southeast Asia, and what I suspect is Melbourne/Sydney. Hey look a chart.


WordPress gives me stats about the readership, too, but only down to the country. It largely agrees with the poll results, but I see that Japan may be happy reading but not so happy responding to polls. (A poll which was, admittedly, written in English.) If I crudely overlay the WordPress map to this map, looks like my anchors are North America, UK & Europe, and Eastern Australia. No surprise. English speaking worlds. (Though, I miss you, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand.)


Your jobs

I’m impressed with the breadth of jobs in the poll. We’re a bunch of smarties and creative types.

  • 7 UX
  • 6 Software (not in a design capacity)
  • 6 Visual design for software
  • 3 I make sci-fi interfaces
  • 3 Education

A handful of game designers/developers (and author…) I wish we all lived near each other. We could have a sci-fi game night at someone’s place.

  • Tabletop Gamer
  • Game development & Education
  • Game designer, author, and publisher of Traveler5 materials
  • Former game developer; working as freelance now

Then an interesting set of one-offs.

  • Sci-fi writing & editing
  • Writer
  • AI programmer for games
  • Smart spaces/interactive installations
  • Visual effects (3D environments not sci-fi interfaces)
  • Management
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Big data
  • Marketing, but I studied interface / interaction design
  • Advertising
  • Software development
  • Multiple: web design in higher education, art, graphic design on the side
  • Not related to science [sic]

Your social media

The poll showed a breakout that’s pretty similar to wider trends in the world, though Facebook is less popular than in the wider world and Twitter is more popular amongst you. Also there’s a stronger showing for Google Plus, and some fun one-offs, below.


Hearing about scifiinterfaces

Seems like most folks heard about the site through an online article. (Was it a particular one? Comment? I owe someone some thanks.) Some of you just went out and found it and some saw a tweet about it. One actually transcribed the URL printed in the related book. Damn. Props.


So that’s who’s out there, roughly where you are, and what you do. Next up we’ll talk about how you use the site.


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