Readership poll results

Last summer, at the 5 year anniversary of the blog, I ran a readership poll. Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes back then to answer it (now closed). I know when I answer a poll I’m always curious about the results. So I presume you are, too. Here ya go.


First apologies on some aspects of the poll. I should have made some things multiple-choice, but by the time I caught it was too late. Shifting midway through the poll would mean I’d have to divide the results between radio-button and checkbox responses, and that would have been headachey. Next time, next time.


There were a total of 51 responses.

Overall, looks like me and the other authors are doing pretty good. 8 out of 10. Personally, I’ve always been a solid B+/A- student, so this plays out. 5 responders think the site is near god-like (that or they’re prone to hyperbole) and a couple of folks said we’re doing below average. Sorry, you two. Thanks for sticking with it.

How doing.png

The overview done, I thought my roundup and response to the poll was going to be a simple thing, but I was wrong. Between the aggregated data and the individual responses, it was too much for a single post. Also, I realized that some of my responses might raise some conversation from the group of us at large, which works much better if the post is limited to one concept so the comments don’t get muddled. So I’ll be breaking the results into three bigger posts.

  1. The readership (you)
  2. How the site is used
  3. Your wishlist

Followed by a smattering of one-off comments-and-responses.

This also buys me some time while I’m preparing other material. But you’d guessed that.


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