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Most readers see the site as a fun distraction, but nearly a third use it as inspiration for their design or sci-fi work. Around 16% just love getting more into the sci-fi they love. Fist bumps, fanpeeps.



Seems like half of you subscribe by RSS, 16% by Facebook and 16% by tweet. The RSS news came as lots of added answers, so is that choppy chunk on top.  One enterprising reader has set up an IFTTT alert. (Sweet.) The RSS news was an informative surprise. I presumed most folks were receiving alerts via Twitter and Facebook, and click through to the blog. I now should start thinking about the fact that many articles are read without the “chrome” of the blog ever been seen.



I asked about sharing content as that’s how I have any hope of growing my audience. And for all the time this takes me and the other authors, I’d love to see the audience grow. But you’re only likely to share when the content is particularly awesome, in-depth, or about something that’s always bothered you.

Some folks said they didn’t know I did social media in relation to the site, and that makes sense knowing how many people subscribe by RSS. The social media links are visible on the website. They wouldn’t appear on emails. So, for you RSS readers…

  • I tweet notifications of new content from @scifiinterfaces. I also post to this (linked) page on Facebook.
  • Final reviews also get posted to reddit, so if you’re a redditor, there’s lots of related content on the FUI subreddit.
  • Videos take a massive amount of work, but when I have them, I have a channel on Youtube.

There are also links to Make It So, to t-shirts, and errata from the book that you may have never seen. The tip button folks didn’t know about is at the top-right of every page on the site, but not in the RSS feed.

Some readers reported that they don’t know anyone else with their same interest in sci-fi interfaces, so let me take the chance to recommend the Facebook group and reddit as a place you can get to know other folks with these same interests. Some warning: Nearly all other sites with a similar focus tends to collect examples with very little analysis. But still.

Next up we’ll talk about the important thing, and that’s what you think of the content.

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