Furious at Durand-Durand’’s betrayal, the Black Queen walks to a set of five shoulder-height levers, each baroquely shaped, transparent, and hinged to a base on the floor. She pulls the middle one, and a bright white light below the base begins to glow. She then pulls the first lever. She glances at the fourth, but then changes her mind and pulls the fifth one, explaining that she is unleashing the Mathmos to devour the city. The Queen’’s brief hesitation implies that this isn’’t just an interface, but a self-destruct mechanism that must be activated in some particular, secret order to take effect. Upon completion of the sequence the city begins to fall into the liquid creature, Mathmos, that lives beneath the city.


2 thoughts on “Self-Destruct

  1. How does this compare to the previous self-destruct mechanism? Having a secret sequence seems good, but I’d want the activation device locked up, so there is no chance of bumping the first lever into position by accident, or hitting the wrong lever and locking the system out for when I needed it.

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