Back to the Future Part 2: Overview

The ongoing reviews are on pause for a very special review of a favorite and formative film, the future scenes of which occur on today’s date.

Release Date: 22 November 1989 (USA)


26 OCT 1985

Doc Brown travels in his flying DeLorean time machine from the future date of 21 SEP 2015 to fetch Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer. When they return to that impossibly far date, Doc puts Jennifer to sleep and enjoins Marty to prevent his son from becoming an accomplice to a crime that ultimately destroys the whole family.

21 SEP 2015

After taking his son’s place and thwarting the bully Griff, Marty seizes an opportunity in the future to purchase an “antique” sports almanac, but Doc throws it away. Griff’s grandfather Biff overhears their conversation and fetches the almanac from the trash.

Before Marty and Doc can get the still-sleeping Jennifer to return to the past, she is apprehended by police and returned to her home where she hides from her future self in a closet. When they leave the time machine to rescue Jennifer, Biff steals the time machine, travels back to 1955 when he was a boy, and uses the almanac to make himself rich.

Back to the Past (1985)

When Doc, Marty, and Jennifer exit the house and return to their own time, the world has changed. Biff is the town’s evil crime and gambling Mogul, married to Marty’s mom, the town is a rough and lawless, and his dad murdered (by Biff).

12 NOV 1955

Together Doc and Marty travel to 1955, where Marty follows Biff to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, trying to retrieve the almanac while trying to avoid contact with people who might recognize them and keep events meant to happen then on course.

Finally they use the time machine and a hoverboard from 2015 to take the almanac from Biff(1955) and burn the almanac, but lightning strikes the Delorean, sending it away in time. Moments later a mysterious figure delivers a letter from 1885, letting Marty know that Doc was transported there and (as of the writing of the letter) is fine.

Marty rushes to talk to Doc(1955), and the plot pauses until Back to the Future 3.

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