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    Thanks for the article. I watched Children of Men, and what’s absolutely strange if that I have no idea whatsoever what the film was like. I know the plot, but I don’t remember that scene with the Quietus. The more strange is, I do remember that I loved that film. I think it’s time to watch it one more time !

    “Quietus” brand font is too generic for me to have an idea, you’d need to open a screenshot on Photoshop, overlay the title area with a text tool and try different fonts until you find the one that matches the best.

  2. OED suggests L. quietus est as the most likely source of the word in English. I would also think that whatever the connotations of the word in English, they are strongly tied to the one place most people have seen it, Hamlet’s soliloquy.

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  5. Found this post as I was looking for more information about Quietus, the mass-suicide ceremony detailed in the book. But to answer your question “How would the organization confirm deaths while protecting against fraud?” if Quietus is some kind of drinkable poison, perhaps it is a poison that is traceable in the bloodstream after death. Coroners nowadays can usually figure out that a death was caused by a variety of known poisons, so it doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard to create a poison that will show up on a blood test conducted by the coroner and then rely on the coroner’s judgment to determine if the body itself looks like it died from Quietus or from something else (suffocation, heart attack, stroke, etc.) in an attempt to falsify a death benefit claim.

    • That would confirm that the death was caused by Quietus. But I wonder how they would ensure self-administration (or at least willing, of sound mind and body, etc.) instead of forcibly killed for the money? Like if Aunt Betty killed Aunt Clara by injecting her in her sleep?

    • Of course there’s nothing stopping people from murdering people with household chemicals now other than respect for the value of human life and fear of being caught, but in Children of Men there’s a financial incentive amidst desperation.

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  8. Estoy realizando un ensayo sobre la película y esta información me vino como anillo al dedo. Agradezco tu tiempo y lo detallado del posteo. Saludos!

    • Me encantaría leer el ensayo después. ¡Por favor, siéntete libre de compartirlo! (Teniendo en cuenta que necesitaré Google Translate).

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