Gestural Spheres

While working on some other material this weekend, I just noticed two unusual, but similar gestures from different movies in 2015, which are gestures on the outside of spheres.

First, the Something control sphere from Tomorrowland.


And, the core memories in Inside Out.


The gestures are subtly different (Tomorrowland is full palm, Inside Out is two fingers) and their meanings are different (Tomorrowland is to shift direction of travel of the time camera, Inside Out is to scrub the time itself) but they are a nice gestural rhyme of each other.

The Inside Out image reminds me that I really, really need to do a full retrospective of interfaces in Pixar movies, because they are quite extraordinary in the aggregate.

3 thoughts on “Gestural Spheres

  1. nice post. actually the difference is that Tomorrownland is not a screen but a device that is being rotated as an object. The example in Inside Out is more like a swipe gesture on an touch screen which is shaped as a sphere.

    • I see what you are saying – in tomorrow land, its user input. In Inside Out it seems to be both, though user input doesn’t seem to have any effect on the output.

  2. I’d be careful to note that the Tomorrowland device is not necessarily a whole-hand gesture – it just depends on the rotational speed the user desires. Like an old arcade golf game.

    I just noticed her in another the scene in the film using only her fingertips, remembered that you said this, and came back here to clarify. 🙂

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