Announcing the Fritzes

I am pleased to announce an inaugural award for the year’s best interfaces seen in sci-fi movies throughout the prior year, to honor and encourage excellence in sci-fi interfaces, called the Fritzes. I will be give out the awards in February of 2015. The films will be nominated by and voted on a small academy of interaction designers, sci-fi makers, and critics.

If you’re wondering, the name of the award honors Fritz Lang, who, with his film Metropolis, made history with the first serious work of science fiction in film to contain interfaces. Though dark and often times dystopian (heck, Moloch is a character), it marked the first film in which interfaces became a part of the way we told the human story. The Fritzes honor excellence in both storytelling and interface design.

Our sponsor

Intel Corporation has generously offered to support the creation of a custom-designed award to be delivered to recipients after the awards are announced. It’s currently being fabricated, but you can see the draft rendering of it, below.

Note there are opportunities for other sponsorships, please contact me if your organization is interested.

Fritz Sketch 02 3:4 VIEW

Stay tuned

More information about the awards, including the categories and dates will be forthcoming in early 2015. Stay tuned to to stay up to date on the latest information, including how to nominate your independent film.

A possible mini-con

I am considering hosting a mini-conference the day of the awards, that might include

  • the Redesigning Star Wars workshop that I threw to great feedback in Stockholm
  • Workshops to learn sci-fi interface prototyping software


and of course, an awards show itself. Maybe cocktails.

Before I embark on this, I’d love to hear how many folks are interested in attending such a sci-fi interfaces mini-con. I don’t know what ticket prices would be, but that partly depends on how much interest there is. If you are interested in attending something like this, please let me know by answering the poll below.

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