Galaxy, Quested

Thanks to everyone in the audience and the Netflix Design Team for an amazing scifiinterfaces movie night of Galaxy Quest. It’s one of my favorite movies, has some awesome interfaces, and it’s so much better watching it with a big group of people who love it, too. Not to mention the free shuttle. And free food. And free beer. And awesome schwag. A fantastic night for everyone who braved the rain.


Don’t forget, if you won one of the shirts in the trivia contest but it’s not the right fit, let me know the right fit and where to have it sent!

Last but not least in my fall speaking tour is Nerd Nite East Bay at the New Parkway in Oakland on Monday. It’s a sex-themed night. Erin Brandt will seduce a dancing spider. Zarinah Agnew will introduce the basics neuroanatomy and has agreed to talk about where the penis is in the brain as a nod to the theme. 🙂 I’ll be doing a 20-minute (comedic) presentation of sex-related interfaces in sci-fi, including four awesome new and thought-provoking interfaces that weren’t in the book. See you there!

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