Name That Intro Planetscape


While sitting down to rewatch The Fifth Element with friends last night, I realized that the Intro Planetscape is one of the most common sci-fi tropes that I can think of (even if it has little to do with interfaces.)

That realization in turn made me want to make a Name That Intro Planetscape online quiz. I’d love some help. Do you have a favorite planetscape that appears in the first minutes of a sci-fi film? Tweet a screen cap of it with in the formula:

Hey @MakeItSoTweets, check out this #introplanetscape from the first few minutes of MOVIENAME.

Oh, be sure and attach the high-resolution screen cap, since that’s, you know, the point. When I get about 20 of them I’ll post a page with them all in a quiz format and credit the first people to provide particular ones. Nerd fame?? 3. Profit!

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