Shift in strategies

I realized while writing up the Prometheus interfaces that the strategy I’ve been using for the website is not ideal. The idea was to combine many similar interfaces to make for a good in-depth read on Tuesdays and Thursday. But, it hinders use for actual research on a particular tag.

For instance, if a reader was curious about all interfaces with the “big label” tag and clicked the tag, she should just see a long results page with interfaces that had big labels. But since I’ve been clustering similar interfaces for long reading, she would have to skip over a lot of interfaces that don’t have big labels and try to suss out the ones that do.

Sadly, this isn’t a custom WordPress site, so I can’t do any customization that would help bridge the gap between reading and researching modes. Since the ultimate goal of publishing this material is to allow people to engage in the broad-sample comparisons with which we wrote the book, we’re going to err on the side of research and begin to publish individual interfaces. We’ll try this out for Prometheus to see how it goes, and if it works well, sometime in the new year I’ll go back and fix the blog posts I’ve already made.

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