Redesigning Star Wars Workshop

Looking for a unique, fun, sci-fi teambuilding workshop? In Redesigning Star Wars, attendees pair up to select one of the 26 interfaces from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope to analyze, critique, and redesign.


With the help of detailed handouts, worksheets, and video clips, teams…

  • Sharpen their empathy
  • Practice user-centered critique techniques
  • Collaborate using pair design to design and visualize improved interfaces
  • Present their speculative designs to the group
  • Help create believable future scenarios
  • Develop an explicit design pattern to keep in mind for future work

The workshop can be run in as short as two hours, but works best when given four to six hours for teams to have the most time. For teams with advanced skills in visualization, a second day can be added to allow time for still or motion comps. The workshop can be run for just a handful of attendees, or a large group of 30.


Attendees have given very positive feedback, saying it’s one of their favorite workshops they’ve ever attended. If you’d like to discuss a workshop for your org, contact me.

I used to include a mailto link here, but of course some stupid spam crawler got a hold of it and now I spend a little bit of each morning managing spam to that account. So, because of them, you’ll have to do a little bit of work if you want to inquire. Chris says, “Find the bold elements of this p@ragraph on scifiinterfaces. Then you’ll be able to communicate your interest.”

By the way, this event is not an officially licensed anything. Star Wars and its associated brands and trademarks are the property of Disney, and is not affiliated with Disney in any way. This workshop is an exercise in critique and education, and use of the material is protected under the US Copyright Office’s Fair Use doctrine.