Reader poll: Quick-reply one-offs

In the free-form answers, I came across some comments that bear a response. In this first post about those, I’ve aggregated a number of them that aren’t likely to need a comment thread associated with them. So here are some quick replies to these one-off comments.

Reader wish: More examples of interfaces, they don’t all have to be talked about exhaustively.

To this I must reply, firmly: No. Big no. Cosmic no. That’s my thing. My niche. It’s the whole brand promise here. If you just want a stream of images to be inspired by, take your pick, there are plenty. But for some damned fine reasons, I’m not interested in regurgitating screen caps. In fact the notion of just looking at the surface of these things is antithetical to this blog. I want to discourage drool-gazing (that sort of thing will land us in trouble) and encourage critical thinking. So…sorry, mate. Not going to happen. Your good news is there are other options for you!

Reader frustration: Ending a post with an implied follow-up and then switching to a different movie

Yes. Mea culpa. I am sorry. I know I left the Star Wars Holiday Special dangling for like two years and I still have The Avengers to finish. I tended to make progress on the Holiday Special near Star Wars movie releases. The Avengers is still there, waiting for me, but after that I will try to never do it again…

Reader compliant: Sometimes [the site] misses obscure BTS or frame-by-frame stuff I only know because I have a problem.

Ha. It sounds like you should be a contributor to the blog. (Pssst. Message me via chris[at] And if contributing is too much, comment on individual posts. (You’ll have to head to the site if you’re an RSS person.) I would love to refine insights based on all the evidence, including missed details. Please! Let me know!

Reader request: More links to relevant research/thought

I think this is a request to include more references to better published or peer-reviewed thinking on germane subjects. I try to do this anyway, but please help. If you know of a related article that I missed, hop onto the site and post it in the comments.

Reader request: More facts about real world interfaces and solutions

I’ll try to do this, but it also presumes a lot of knowledge on my part. There’s so much software out there that I might not know everything. I try to do it when it’s relevant and I know of it. Similar to relevant research/thought above, if I miss something and you know of something, post it in the comments.

Reader complaint: When the subject clearly hasn’t any thought behind it, Dr Strange for example.

This is alarming, since well-reasoned analysis is the core brand promise here. (See my mini-screed above.) First I must disagree with disparagement of the Doctor Strange posts as an example. Note that it contains 4 posts detailing the thoughts around a magic cape. What’s not thought out there? Thinking is what this blog does.

Please head to the particular blog posts you’re thinking about, and add a comments, describing what you think it missed or how it could be developed more. Or, oh, even better yet, contribute a counter-post and submit it!

I’d love an article about space warfare interfaces. How multiple shows tackled vectors, 3D, prediction etc.

On principle I try not to review warfare interfaces. I get that it might be harmless in the context of computer gaming (I’m a gamer myself) but there’s the risk that I end up improving real-world ways to kill people more efficiently, which I’m loathe to do.

So unless it involves a benign pattern, I don’t plan on including these kinds of analyses. I can see the vague outlines of a counterargument in my head, but I’ll need to be convinced. Maybe it’s an opportunity for someone to start another blog? Maybe

In the meantime, if you’re an RSS reader, know that I try to be good about content tags, so you can read up on non-warfare 3D (volumetric projection), and prediction. Haven’t seen anything about vectors, I think.

There are some posts about melee weapons, though, again, I try to focus analysis in ways that don’t improve their kill-y-ness.

OK. These done, now I’ll dedicate some posts to free-form back that probably does warrant separate comment threads.

2 thoughts on “Reader poll: Quick-reply one-offs

  1. >When the subject clearly hasn’t any thought behind it

    I wonder if they refer to the interfaces themselves that had no thought put into them? (Though either interpretation belies the entire point of the blog)

    • I hadn’t thought that maybe they meant don’t put effort into interfaces whose creators put no thought into them. But that just begs the question, right? To determine if they had thought behind them, you have to do an analysis. Plus sometimes even a blind squirrel can find a nut, and sometimes unthought interfaces can be brilliant.

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