About the critical stance of this blog

I knew I was going to piss of some fans of Blade Runner when I called the Voight-Kampff machine shit. I stand by it, but some of the discussion led me to realize I should make some of the implicit guiding principles of my approach to critique (and which lead me to call it shit) … Continue reading

Deckard’s Elevator

This is one of those interactions that happens over a few seconds in the movie, but turns out to be quite deep—and broken—on inspection. When Deckard enters his building’s dark, padded elevator, a flat voice announces, “Voice print identification. Your floor number, please.” He presses a dark panel, which lights up in response. He presses … Continue reading

Rebel videoscope

Talking to Luke Hidden behind a bookshelf console is the family’s other comm device. When they first use it in the show, Malla and Itchy have a quick discussion and approach the console and slide two panels aside. The device is small and rectangular, like an oscilloscope, sitting on a shelf about eye level. It has … Continue reading

Little boxes on the interface

After recklessly undocking we see Ibanez using an interface of…an indeterminate nature. Through the front viewport Ibanez can see the cables and some small portion of the docking station. That’s not enough for her backup maneuver. To help her with that, she uses the display in front of her…or at least I think she does. … Continue reading


I’ve had a lot of people ask if they can help by adding their favorite sci-fi shows to the database. I’m committed to building-out the database as long they keep making sci-fi but, of course I’m only one guy, and there’s a big backlog, I’m a dad, and I’ve got day job. So by myself, … Continue reading

The “spectacular” suicide experience from Soylent Green

The thanatorium is a speculative service for assisted suicide in Soylent Green. Suicide and death are not easy topics and I will do my best to address them seriously. Let me first take a moment to direct anyone who is considering or dealing with suicide to please stop reading this and talk to someone about it. I am … Continue reading