Care to contribute?

Have too much spare time, like overthinking things, and think you have the midi-chlorians to contribute to the Make It So database? We’ve just posted an open invitation. Check out the Contribute! link on the left of the site to indulge in the full gauntlet of requirements.

2 thoughts on “Care to contribute?

  1. I’d love to read this website, as the topic fascinates my. My wife and I have often joked about M-OS (Movie OS), and critiqued a few examples ourselves. However, the UX of the site itself (specifically the charcoal background and brown body text) makes it basically unreadable for me. 🙁

    • Hey Timothy. I don’t have the means to pay for a custom template or custom development, so I’m using one from WordPress. I do my best, but I’m just one guy. The good news is, if you find it hard to read, there are options. First: Use an RSS reader (there are tons of open-source readers out there, including a Google Reader clone called Go Read), a CSS-stripper like Evernote Clearly, or a screen reader like ChromeVox. Any of these are ways to bypass the CSS set up on a site that you find hard to see. Let me know how it goes, and maybe I’ll have the funds to do some custom development someday!

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